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Greetings from the owner COD ranch story

As a poet and a restorer of historic properties I impulsively bought the dilapidated yet, Historic C.O.D. Ranch. I loved the COD ranch story of the once large cattle ranch, owned by the Huggett family. But I sensed there was a calling for this ranch. I was committing myself to the journey of fixing up the caved-in structures and inadequate infrastructure of the C.O.D.

After several years of restoring the cod ranch story, I was approached to have C.O.D as a venue for a retreat. I took a leap of faith and hosted a national midwife group retreat. This proved to be a defining moment. It gave “birth” to the ranch’s true purpose. It would grow-up to be one of southern Arizona’s most sought after nature sanctuary and retreat centers. It provides a venue for others to nurture diverse groups from all over the country, each with their own unique story of transformation and renewal. The intention for the ranch would be a place embracing diversity, creativity, service and sanctuary.

Over the last 20 years, the down-to-earth, C.O.D. Ranch has hosted retreats for nearly every Native American tribe in Arizona, the largest mountain bike manufacturer in the world, and countless meditation, yoga and church groups. Along the way, C.O.D Ranch has become home to many environmental groups as well.
Despite the challenges faced in our journey, the Historic C.O.D Ranch is all I had envisioned it to be. I can still recall the moment it entered my life the all I could see was its extraordinary potential. I remember vividly the day the depressing billowing smoke stack from the smelter of a neighboring copper mine was miraculously torn down. It was the day I decided to breathe new life into this historic ranch. It would provide others a place for healing and transformation.




My Story

Somewhere in Brooklyn around 1954 a chubby seven year old boy named Steve Malkin spent most of his day dreaming of the west. More specifically he dreamt of his heroes, the Lone Ranger and Tonto. That boy was me.

One day much to my excitement, it was announced the Lone Ranger would be visiting my school auditorium. As soon as I could I flew onto that stage to shake Clayton Moore’s hand. I was allowed to hold the Lone Ranger’s silver bullet and even share a few words with my hero. Unbeknownst to me, my fate was sealed.

Years later, I had the opportunity to attend Cornell University but I made a spontaneous decision to attend the University of Arizona with hopes of finding the Lone Ranger and Tonto’s campsite in the great southwestern desert.

When I graduated from college I turned down a scholarship to Oxford in England and took off to Mexico. I spent years trying to help people in trouble, as my heroes had throughout the southwest, all the while searching for the elusive Lone Ranger campsite.

One day in 1996 I discovered the C.O.D. Ranch in physical ruin. I noticed on the far end of the ranch an exquisite grouping of boulders. I’d found it! Amongst these majestic boulders I discovered the “original” campsite of the Lone Ranger and Tonto.

I began an eighteen year passionate journey restoring the ranch. I wanted to create a sanctuary in a natural southwest setting, cowboy setting for a diverse manifestation of groups to meet.  I then became a host that welcomes families, businesses, and any group or organization from all walks of life to come for retreat.

Since then The C.O.D. Ranch has hosted a variety of groups with the natural space to leave behind everyday life and accomplish a new perspectives, foster spirituality and more, for themselves and each participant.
To this day, I continue to search for the son of the Lone Ranger and the proud descendants of Tonto.

“The Ranch is Yours While You’re Here. Just Come On Down.” Sincerely, Steve Malkin

“Hi Yo Silver, Away!